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I think it is safe to assume that when you first dreamed of your life together, the image was uplifting and fully alive. In time, we can get locked in patterns of hurting each other and ourselves and we begin to think there is something inherently wrong with the other person, with ourselves, or with the relationship.

I work with couples in helping them unlock from the patterns that are not working for them and move into rebuilding, recommitting, and renewing their life together. I bring a trained perspective to help couples find their way back to each other. My focus is the relationship which means my work is not about taking sides. I will work with you in sifting through the patterns and arguments in search of core meanings and needs getting lost in translation, and then help you build on your individual and combined strengths.

If there is a part of you barely holding onto the sheer grace of your commitment to each other, reach out. Sometimes, it is exactly our repair attempts that are pushing us away and it helps to have someone work through the mess and untangle it all. If any of this sounds like something you need right now, send me an email to see how we can work together.


I offer 100 minutes couple intensive sessions, based on availability.  These longer sessions generally produce greater progress in a shorter amount of time. These may be used as booster sessions or as a starting-off point for therapy, doing more concentrated work in the beginning before moving into the natural rhythm of 50-minute sessions. These are also offered for couples in distress needing more immediate relief or assistance.

Parents, I also offer what I like to call "post baby bedtime" sessions. I try to reserve two nighttime virtual sessions each week on Tuesday and Wednesday nights from 7pm-9pm for families with young children who are finding it difficult to get to a therapy office or struggle to find childcare to make it to a couples counseling appointment. Contact me to check for availability and to see if this is something we can do.

Couples Therapy: Services
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